Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Murder Most Wicked!

Murder on the Waterfront
A Lady Margaret Mystery

Lady Margaret’s quest to bring a killer to justice leads her out of her art studio to a seedy all-night cafe, a Depression-era tenement, the waterfront, and eventually to the dark underbelly of Chinatown.

Inspector Monahan, the blunt-talking son of Irish immigrants has no love for the English nobility. He takes a dim view of interfering amateur sleuths and doesn’t like being strong-armed, even by a gorgeous dame.

Together they pursue the Mandarin, a shadowy Chinese gangster who may have the answers to blackmail, smuggling, and the whereabouts of a heartless killer.

Cherie Jung reviewing for Over My Dead Body:
“It’s been quite some time since I read a book I was willing to skip lunch to continue reading, but I read straight through from page one to the end without stopping. Everything clicks. A good story, fascinating characters, and snappy dialogue.”

250 pages
$3.99 E-book
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Letters from a Dead Man
and Other Stories

Four short stories featuring the elegant crime-solving Lady Margaret and the long-suffering, hard boiled Inspector Monahan. It's 1935, San Francisco and the fog is rolling in with murder, crime, and danger.

Excerpt from "Letters from a Dead Man":
He heard footsteps. When Monahan opened his eyes, the most beautiful woman he had ever known was bending over him. She had big dark eyes you could get lost in. She wore her heavy hair long even though short hair was the fashion. Right now it was in a thick braid that fell over her shoulder. Lady Margaret, Countess of Chesterleigh. She didn't belong in a vacant lot in the rain, crouching over a beat-up Irish cop, but she was a rare commodity anywhere.

"You're alive." She sounded surprised.

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Violet Crime, A Short Story

San Francisco, 1935
Imagine an insinuating saxophone and you will know what it was like to meet Violet Harris. A tight dress wrapped around her like a wet leaf in autumn. My own dress was silk and hers, who knows, maybe rayon, but she filled it out with a tawdry sensuality that turned men's heads.

The air was full of blue smoke and the band wasn't very good but that saxophone cut through the murky air like a warm finger through molasses. Violet knew about a man who robbed a bank. I was at the Red Toy Nightclub to find her.

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Award Winning!

The Man Who Needed Killing
An Oklahoma Mystery

“The author never lets any piece fall into place too easily or illogically, never gives any character an easy out from their moral qualms, and colors details so skillfully that you feel the heat of the Oklahoma drought as surely as each little betrayal's knife wound when Joe realizes a friend has lied.” - Publisher's Weekly

It is 1935 and Joe Bennett is a straight-arrow town sheriff who must investigate the death of a man everyone is happy to be rid of.

A wandering minstrel (who in 1935 was called a hobo) has a magical ruby ring and an even more magical harmonica. This story also has lying friends, secretive townspeople, a woman of negotiable virtue and her criminal boyfriend, a beautiful angel in a cold white box and a dead man who really, really deserved it.

This novel finished in the top 100 of the 2008 Amazon Breakout Novel Contest and won 1st place in the 2010 OWFI Conference Mystery Division

232 pages
$3.99 E-book
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Paper $11.49 at Amazon