Monday, July 8, 2013

Many Worlds

One of the (very few) advantages of being an unknown writer is that you can write in any genre you care to. There's no publisher or fan telling you "You're a mystery writer! What are you doing writing fantasy?!?!"

So I write fantasy and mystery and even non-fiction. I've written a couple of romances. I write whatever strikes my fancy.

I like to live in many worlds. Hence the name of the blog.

So if you, Dear Reader, prefer mysteries and don't "get" fantasy dragons, I will still love you if you only read my mysteries. I love mysteries. I've read every single thing Rex Stout ever wrote and the same for Agatha Christie.

And if you think mysteries are boooorrrriiiinnnnggg, skip over them with my blessing. I love writing fantasy too. I've seen every episode of Doctor Who and I've read Lord of the Rings 18 times so, yeah, I "get" the fantasy thing. I love going to strange worlds where anything can happen.

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